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Sound of Liberty is a special project of ARTC to bring classic and modern works of SF that emphasize the Bill of Rights to life as audio drama.

Novels / Stories Acquired

Please note this list is incomplete at this time

Stories in Need of Adaptation

  • Owl Goingback - Croata [1]
  • Brad Linaweaver - "The Bison Riders" (short story) [2]
  • J. Neil Schulman - Alongside Night [3]
  • Brad Linaweaver and Kent Hastings - Anarquia [4]
  • Michael Z. Williamson - Contact with Chaos [5]

Stories With Potential Writers Attached

  • Jerry Pournelle - Exiles to Glory [6] (possible interest from Daniel Taylor to adapt)
  • L. Neil Smith - The Probability Broach [7] (Tony Sarecchia has submitted the first draft and is doing revisions)
  • A. E. van Vogt - The Weapon Shops of Isher and The Weapon Makers [8] (Bill Ritch adapting)
  • Brad Linaweaver - Moon of Ice [9] (Brad Strickland has volunteered to do this adaptation at Brad Linaweaver's request)
  • Phil Nutman - Wetwork [10] (Tony Sarecchia has indicated interest)


  • Brad Linaweaver and Bill Ritch - "The Proper Thing to Do" (short story) (adaptation complete) (audio editing complete) (released)

Writers Notes

Writers wishing to do adaptations for Sound of Liberty should submit a treatment with the following information:

  1. Character list - A list of the major and minor characters. [extras, and one-liners need not be included]
  2. Story arc - A concise [5-ish pages] synopsis of the plot of the story, arranged in acts, and scenes. This is a proposal, so you will have some freedom to re-arrange as you write. Mostly we are looking for where are the "beats" and what elements you plan to keep in, and what you are planning on omitting.
  3. Philosophical spine - What idea is the original writer trying to get across and how are you going to express this dramatically?

If you are a writer not already in communication with a member of ARTC, please contact us to indicate interest and with any questions.