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Information about ARTC's various podcasts.

ARTC's Podcast

Run: August 2006-August 2016

This show was ARTC's first podcast and featured recordings of our live performances almost exclusively. In later years the format experimented with some studio work, running recordings of different performances of the same script, and some interviews in preparation for the transition to the Centauri Express Audio Magazine.

Centauri Express Audio Magazine

Run: August 2016-current

This show is a reimagining of two different concepts. The Centauri Express was first developed by William Brown and was originally distributed on cassette. Realizing the difficulty of maintaining a regular release schedule and the accompanying distribution challenges, the Centauri Express eventually gave way to ARTC's current production and distribution model that releases titles as they are completed.

The current incarnation of the Centauri Express will get in line with modern dramatic audio podcasting conventions, including serialized content, and will also feature assorted other content such as panel discussions, interviews, convention reports, musical guests, and anything else that listeners may find interesting.

Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope

Run: October 7, 2017-current

This show will feature daily updates from a group of resident and recurring characters living in a small radio station during the zombie apocalypse. The show was conceived by David Benedict. Worldbuilding and character development by David Benedict, Diana Lancaster, Nicole Isaac, and Ethan Hurlburt. Additional content developed by the students of Starr's Mill High School.

The Art of Change

Run: October 2017-current

This non-fiction podcast will feature interviews and discussions by various Atlanta-area theatres on the topic of audience growth and development. It is sponsored by the Arthur Blank Family Foundation.

The Sea

In Development

This serialized full-cast audio drama is in the early stages of development, conceived by David Benedict and written by David Benedict and Katelyn Laird.