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Studio Production

Studio productions that need illustrations (usually B-sides). Please sign up to illustrate one by putting your name next to it or by emailing David B. (listen AT artc DOT org)

Instructions: Illustrations for primary products should be 300dpi and fit within 3.75" x 7.25" with a 1/4" margin all the way around. Key elements should also be easily compressable down to 2400x2400 pixels at 72dpi for use by digital distributors. Digital-only products need only be 2400x2400 at 72dpi.

  • Lone Star Planet
  • Country of the Blind
  • Sarabande for a Condemned Man
  • The Wood-Bound Werewolf
  • Nairobi Jack and the Lost Gold of the Atlantimengani
  • A Real Babe
  • The Assassins
  • Grandma's Diary
  • Rory Rammer: Luna Shall Be Dry!
  • Chronos Beach
  • The Competitor
  • Can You Hear Me?
  • Haunter Hunters
  • Horror at Camp Healthy Springs
  • The House Across the Way
  • Nothing-At-All
  • The Worst Good Woman in the World
  • Crimson Hawk: Widow's Web
  • He Walked Around the Horses by H. Beam Piper

Completed Products

  • Dancer in the Dark -- DONE by Lindsay Archer
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Crime of the Century -- DONE by Ross Boone
  • Treasure Island - DONE by Val Lindahn


General logos and emblems, usually for series or for various segments of the company.

  • Crimson Hawk
  • podcast logo
  • Rory Rammer badge
  • Bumpers Crossroads logo
  • Unresolved Mysteries logo
  • Brotherhood of Damn Sassy Mutants (BDSM) logo
  • Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment (META) logo


ARTC's on-demand screen print partner is Threadless. Please ask for clarification/context for these before beginning work. You will thank yourself later.

Ideas for merchandise for Threadless. Please submit your idea or sign up to illustrate one by emailing David B. (listen AT artc DOT org)

  • "Denemore Chemical and Atomic, Inc. -- Better Living Through Thermonuclear Fusion"
  • Omega Spaceways
  • British Overskies Astronautics Corp. (Takeoff on old British Overseas Airways Corp. logo and advertising posters)
  • Tour Shirt -- The Android Sisters (Last four dates / venues on back cancelled, and text note added: "We Support Our Troops!") currently being worked on by Megan
  • Lockheed-Peterbilt Spacefreighters -- 'Sky King' 9000-Series (graphic of spaceship/truck mashup)
  • "Lance Thruster, Rocket Ranger" -- spaceship with a plethora of fins and bulges, "Rocket Rangers" on side
  • "Raven Detective Agency" ("Call Raven and Worry Nevermore") -- Raven [bird] graphic (ALT: Call Raven, Take your Blues Away, and Worry Nevermore)
  • Saffron's Grove of Delights ("Just Down the Corridor from the Hebrew Leprecauhn Bar & Grill") -- graphic of salacious neon tubing
  • "Dunwich Disposal Corporation -- Asteroid HPL-1937 -- Serving the Trans-Ceres Node Until the Stars Are Right" (Graphic of black hole with malevolent eyes staring back)
  • Bureau of Martian Affairs
  • "Solis Lacus Hilton -- Featuring the All-You-Can Breathe Oxygen Bar!"
  • U.S. Space Marines -- Looking for a Few Good Humanoids
  • Swedish Suborbital Spacelines -- (Picture of schoolbus/shuttle mashup) -- "Ve Get You Dere Safe, You Betcha!"
  • The Neo-Temperance Party -- "Sober Up, America!"
  • Benny the Happysaurus -- "The Right Drug for YOU!"
  • Woodrow's Mercantile (country store graphic) -- "Just a Ways Down the Road!"
  • The Crimson Hawk -- "Beware, Evildoers!"
  • Unresolved Mysteries -- Solved While U Wait!