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About Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

ARTC's mission is to produce original dramatic audio and foster the expertise to do so.

Founded in 1984 by William L. Brown and Patrick Stansbury, ARTC continues to fulfill its mission through live performance and studio work, distributing through CD mail order, downloads through a number of popular electronic providers, and a free monthly podcast.

About the ARTC General Wiki

The purpose of this Wiki is to allow for information that is important to the operation of ARTC, but which does not fit into the marketing plan associated with the general website at, to be stored, archived, and edited when necessary.

Examples of things you may find on the ARTC General Wiki:

  • Meeting agendas, minutes, and public financial records.
  • ARTC's bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Equipment inventory.
  • Guidance for others wishing to produce audio drama, including guidelines for writers, producers, and editors.
  • Marketing resources, ideas, and procedures.
  • Other items to be determined.

How to Use this Wiki

The ARTC General Wiki is intended for internal information and communication. Anonymous editing is disabled, as is automatic account creation. If you wish to contribute to the ARTC General Wiki, please contact a member of ARTC stating how you wish to contribute and an account will be created for you.

The ARTC General Wiki is not the same as the ARTC Script Archive. Due to limitations in the Media Wiki software and due to a need to protect the intellectual property of our writers the ARTC General Wiki and the ARTC Script Archive are housed within two separate directories and therefore require two separate accounts if you wish to edit both. The ARTC Script Archive has also had anonymous editing and automatic account creation disabled.