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Welcome to the ARTC General Information Wiki.

As the site takes shape you can look for business related activities, including agendas and minutes from meetings, information relating to writing and producing audio drama, as well as examples of equipment that might be helpful in producing live shows as well as studio productions.

If you have anything in particular you'd like to see on the ARTC Wiki, please be sure to contact a member of ARTC to suggest it. In the meantime, feel free to explore, and don't forget the sidebar on the left where some more permanent links can be found to commonly used pages.


The Producer's Checklist, a basic guide to how to organize an audio production for live performance or studio recording.
A general outline of ongoing and planned upcoming ARTC productions can be found on our Production page.
Worksheets for helping with show organization can be found here.

Production Calendar

Sound of Liberty

A special project of ARTC to find and acquire the rights to adapt classic science fiction stories that highlight the principles of the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution.


Various free offerings from Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, distributed via podcast. More details about existing shows and shows in development can be found on this page. ARTC's various podcasts are supporta by our listeners through Patreon.

Audible Originals

Details regarding the process for pitching a story or series to Audible.

Live Shows

Upcoming Live Shows

Historical Live Shows


This section covers the technology that ARTC uses to create audio drama. It is mainly concerned with audio technology, although there may be some information about visual presentation in the section for live productions.

In general the production of audio drama involves the manipulation of sound:

Technology of Live Productions

Technology of Studio Productions

Art Projects

Although an audio medium, ARTC also has need of visual artists for marketing/promotional considerations as well as packaging for new product. There are also occasional needs for collateral (business cards, etc) and assorted merchandise. These are detailed here.

Writers Resources

ARTC Awards

Thomas E. Fuller Award

Given for life-time achievement.

Cthulhu Award

Given for insane devotion to ARTC

Sacha Dzuba Award

Given for outstanding acting in Audio Drama.